Here at Kingfisher Park, we are practitioners of ecotourism and strive to protect the wildlife, forest, and vegetation of the area while giving our guests an exciting and memorable experience with Mother Nature.

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What we do at Kingfisher Park

We offer you biodiverse marine (sea), aquatic (wetlands and streams), and terrestial ecosystems. Currently, we have a variety of activities, such as: Mangrove Kayaking, The Mount Lunes Santo Trek, and Starry-starry night Tour. Kingfisher Park also encourages scholarly research, artistic endeavors, and charitable activities.



April 2012

"ABAKADA NG BARKADA," this year's summer camp gave emphasis on values and education. Attended by more than 70 children, ages 5-17 yrs. old, the camp was another big success. The children were encouraged to dream on what they want to be when they grow up. Story telling on friendship, honesty, perseverance, self reliance and integrity summed up to help them attain their goals.

Outdoor games, singing and trek to the forest rekindled the importance of preserving the environment.

View photos of the event HERE.

June 2011
Garik Sadovy, a Material Science Engineering student at North Carolina State University, spent part of his summer at Kingfisher Park. His interest is doing research in natural products and the kind of benefits that the world can derive from biomimicry studies. Here is the link of his "Brief Account of Summer in Kingfisher Park."

April 2011
"Ang Ganda ng Mundo" (What a Beautiful World) was the theme for this year's summer camp. It was attended by 70 enthusiastic children whom many of them are looking forward to the park's sponsored environmental awareness camps. There was a field trip to the Virgin Forest, played games and did reenactments that brought so much fun with the message of how to take care of Mother Nature.

February 6, 2011

The Katala Foundation recently visited Kingfisher Park and wrote a formal report you can read HERE. You can view pictures taken during their visit HERE. This is the LINK of the report (pages 37 - 39) with regards to the feasibility of reintroducing the Katala to the park.

May 2008
Thomas Braile, research associate, and Dr. Kevin Winker, curator of birds & Professor, University of Alaska conducted a field research and found 78 bird species.


Kingfisher Biodiversity Park was featured in Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine's April 2010 issue. You can read it here.

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