Kingfisher Park not only cares for conservation of natural resources but also cares for the local community. Poachers were apprehended and their illegal products confiscated making poaching uneconomical. To provide income, the park employed majority of them.

As guest, your tour fees provide employment to the local community and restore the park's bio-diverse system for future generations to enjoy. You also have an option of buying a tree seedling from our nursery. Costs is at least 20Php/seedling depending on the variety of the trees available.

Kingfisher Park acknowledges God, as our creator. A small community chapel was built overlooking the park.

PAK is our partnership with you and embodies Kingfisher Park's charitable philosophy.


Park Wedding

Park Signs


Illegal Ulingan

Illegal Logging

Capilla de San Vicente Ferrer

Mangrove Planting

Environmental Awareness Summer Camp 2010
conducted by: Christina Ramirez

Tree Planting Project 2010

Summer Camp 2011

Summer Camp 2012

First Communion

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