For those getting their transfer from Coron or any resorts, please advise the operators to bring you either to Kubo sa Dagat for those coming in by banca or Camarin at Malbato Bay for land transfers. Our guides will be there to meet you.

For those who want convenience, Kingfisher Park can customize a package to include our exclusive white sand beach property and the Coron "must see" places. Subject to availability, lodging will be at Kubo sa Dagat and D' Fisherman's Haven. If interested, please send an inquiry as rates will vary.

Kingfisher Park encourages educational field trips. Group student rates are available for school sponsored activities.

If you have questions or inquiries, please email us.


We offer transfers by banca to and from the town of Coron. Cost is minimum Php1K up to (5)persons and add Php200 for each additional person. Advance notification is required


This package includes lunch, dinner, all trekking activities at the park, Mangrove Kayak and Starry Night. Bottled water and drinks are for purchase.

Cost is 1500 Php per person plus transfer. For group of five or more, transfer will be provided.

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Take a hike along the stately peak of Malbato's most picturesque mountain, Lunes Santo. Literally meaning "Holy Monday", the ascent to the island's highest peak is considered a challenge bordering on a religious experience. The mountain trail grants an excellent opportunity to see rare flora and fauna native to Malbato. Tread through hidden forest and jungle pathways and climb Lunes Santos' paths to enjoy the breathtaking vistas and rolling hills of the surrounding environs. Local guides will accompany you on this three hour trek to the four stations, each possessing its own unique view of the wildlife in the area. Watching the sun rising at the summit is very rewarding after a difficult climb. On return, there will be an option for short stop at the park's chapel located on top of a hill and a refreshing dip at the "suba" or stream while brunch is being prepared. Early risers and physically fit guests should not miss this activity.

Trekking to the park's Virgin Forest will be substituted for those who are not physically able to do the climb or weather and trail conditions not permitting.

Guests need to wear loose clothing and carry hats, water, and sunglasses. Sunblock and insect repellent are necessities. Also, sneakers are the recommended footwear; however, depending on the weather, there may be areas that require wading through water.

Cost is Php400/person.

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Trekking to Kaluluwang Falls

Deep into one of the forests of Kingfisher Park flows a recently discovered waterfalls of crystal clear spring water. From the main highway the trek to the waterfalls goes through open fields and a gentle sloping hill of lush vegetation and tall forest trees. The forest is alive with streams of fresh water and various forms of plant and animal life. A leisurely trek of about 2 hours to the falls will allow you to see beautiful wild flowers in bloom, rare plants, various species of birds in the branches of the tall trees, endemic frogs, turtles, fish and freshwater crabs in the streams, and if you're lucky sightings of monkeys and wild boars. You will be captivated by the beautiful natural landscape of rocks, flowing water and vegetation.

The falls is a welcome sight after the long warm walk. The water is cool and refreshing. You can drink of this water as it is natural clear spring water filtered by nature. The rock formation here clearly shows how water has shaped its surroundings after hundreds of years. Undoubtedly, the nature lover will be awed by what can be discovered in the area.

Because the trek is in the thick forest where humidity is high, it is recommended that light clothes be used. Also trekking rubber boots would be best footwear as you will need to cross streams as well as walk on rocks and sometimes slippery forest ground. The ground is covered with dried leaves which can be hiding places of insects and even snakes, so the boots will definitely protect you. The use of insect repellants is also recommended.

The KP guides to the waterfalls know the trail and are very well equipped with the knowledge and skill to assure the visitor of a wonderful and enjoyable trek and discovery.

Cost is Php400/person.

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Explore the astonishing mangroves of Malbato on kayak. Paddle through the eerie channels and inlets, observing the myriad species of birds, crabs and other one-of-a kind denizens of Coron's ecoscape. Marvel at the shadowy groves as they twist and turn into landscapes that ignite the imagination. What secrets do they hold? Find out on the Malbato Mangrove Kayak Activity Package!

For a small fee (150php or 3USD), the park has trained personnel to kayak for guests needing assistance. Let us know when you make your reservations so we can make proper arrangements prior to your arrival.

Visitors availing of this package should be prepared to get wet and wild as this area is largely untouched by human hands. Swimwear combined with shorts and shirts is advised. Insect repellent, sunblock and drinking water are also useful. However, food is not allowed to prevent littering and damaging the delicate ecosystem of the mangroves.

Cost is Php400/person.

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Photo Courtesy of: Micah Reyes

Discover the fantastic and the unknown as you take a night trip to the habitats of one of Malbato's most fascinating residents, the fireflies. As the boat takes you on this hour long activity, the combination of the majestic evening sky, the unearthly glow of the plankton and the ethereal fireflies will transport you to an endless universe of stars. Words pale in the sheer magic of this experience! For ages 3 to 300! Get ready to see several 'mangrove Christmas trees.'

Insect repellent, long pants, sweaters and jackets may be handy, depending on the weather and the season.

Cost is PHP400/person weather permitting.

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Photo Courtesy of: Dr. Luis V. Limchiu Jr.

Kingfisher Park is open for bird watchers. The best times are in the morning or at dusk — (1) to (2) hours after dawn and/or (1) to (2) hrs before sunset. The ideal time is around 5:00am to 10:00am. Days with strong winds or heavy rain are not suitable for birdwatching because it's not likely that the birds will fly around.

Prior arrangements are necessary for us to conduct this activity.

The cost is Php500/person per day with lunch. This excludes the expertise of a local bird guide from Coron and transfers. Guide fee is 1000php for up to a group of (10) birdwatchers or 1:2 ratio for professional photographers. Transfers will vary.

This is a list of birds that can be found in Kingfisher Park.

Also listed below are some helpful tips to make your experience an enjoyable and unforgettable one.

Getting ready for a trip:

It is also very important to follow these rules whenever you go bird watching:

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